Friday, February 18, 2005


One of the fastest weeks of my life is almost over. I don't know why it was so fast, I remember waking up Monday and here it is Saturday already. A decent week of teaching and not much else. Trying to get used to working evenings again, and the weather was pretty crummy.

Remember Kris Lang from UNC? From a few years back... well he's one of the best players in professional Korean basketball. Gives you an idea about the quality of play here. I'd still like to go see a game though. So the point about mentioning Lang is that I found an article about the league in general and the language gap in particular. It sounds like the league is crippling itself by limiting the foreign presence. The NBA isn't too great today, but players like Nowitski and Gasol are obviously top-tier talent. I wish the KBL good luck, it's going to need it with a Japanese league starting up to attract foreign talent.

I know at least one person who might be interested in the random photo of a telephone pole close to my apartment.

And a piece of work from one of the many fine artists I have met since coming here.

Almost forgot... I play an English version of this in class... "일, 이, 박수, 사, 오, 박수, 칠, 팔, 박수".

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