Thursday, February 02, 2006

Welcome to Dongmakgol.

Getting the first post down, even if it's not much, should help to get back into this. After all it's as much for me as it is for you. I'm still working around Seoul at the same kindergarten. Awfully easy to get used to life here and not have bigger aspirations. Bills are low, jobs are plentiful and decent, considering. Just like home only different.

My first 8 months here were much more fascinating but it's been 14 months total here and it's what I'm used to now. I've mentioned before, I've never had any experience being part of the American workforce and am a bit frightened by that prospect. Along with the rent and car payments that would come with living back home. I shouldn't feel this way I think but, if I went back home I'd sense the competition and pressure to "make something" of myself and make decent money. Here, it's extremely simple to just try to enjoy your life.

No plans for the future... I just teach 30 hours a week and try to enjoy my hobbies and hang out. I busted my knee playin basketball back in October and I'm hopin rehab will get it back to the way it was pre-injury. The more I do the less I think it will ever be normal again. But if that and a 2 minute graduation speech to the parent's of my kids are my biggest worries then life can't be too shabby.

Also I think I'm becoming the Lamar Odom of a foreigner trying to speak Korean. Some guy on wrote Odom was either the best bad player or worst good player in the NBA. You get the idea. Maybe. The tendency of Koreans to tell me I speak really well if I spit out a few broken sentences might have to do with this perception.

What can I say about living in this place? It's just life no matter where you live it. If I'll think up anything else that sounds cliche I'll get to posting them.