Sunday, January 27, 2008

Faust, Midas, and Myself.

If anything I've learned in my time in Korea that I've got to keep looking forward so I don't regret too much of what I did in the past. It's a slow revolving door here, people coming and going... people seeing what Korea has to offer then moving along. I'd like to think relationships in life might mean more when it's all said and done. The level of emotions that we can feel and express... the development of our souls... it's too high for me to accept the fact that it all ends when the heart stops.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Pure Magic.

I'm entering the 4th year of my term in K-Vegas. I've lived the country life in Gangneung, suburban life Korean style in Bundang, and now... enjoying the rush hour in Seoul where the bodies of 5 people might be rubbing up against mine at any one time on the commute on the subway. I got an overpriced apartment in Sadang, south of the river. But at least it's close to the "coolest" part of the city that I never go to, Gangnam.

Life can be a bit isolating for a foreigner at times even in the biggest city in the country. There are alot fewer foreigners around than I thought there would be when I first moved here. But there are two main reasons that have kept me interested in life here. One is that I've met some good friends through work and around and also I got a couple American neighbours (a rarity in this area).

The other is variety in my work. Teaching the kids 30 plus hours a week was kind of wearing on me for the past couple years. So now I teach kids about 20 hours a week and the rest of my work time is spent teaching businessmen one on one, general and business related conversation. My Econ degree is coming in handy after all! The freedom I have now in my life in general is great and I'll keep on this way til things fall apart.