Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Hiro's Song.

Still here... I've been to a Korean festival ( 단오 ) twice in the past week downtown, but forgot my camera both times. It's pretty cool, there are some old Korean traditional stuff for sale mixed in with the cheap clothes. Streets closed down for rows and rows of stalls selling random stuff. I bought a shirt making a joke on the Puma brand and 10 fake brand name pairs of socks. Might tough out the hundreds of stares this foreigner would get for taking pictures next time I go... if I can remember the camera!

The big lake in 강릉... bunch of cherry blossom trees around this lake for only like 2 weeks a year. Instead you get a picture of some structure out in the middle of the lake.

Went to 춘천, saw just a few power lines.

Outside of Chuncheon, it's purty.

We decided the guy on the boat isn't drilling for oil.

People like to hang around a river and relax on the weekend in any country. The madness.