Thursday, February 17, 2005

Inquiring minds want to know.

I get asked if I have a girlfriend more than where I am from. I've been asked about the quality of the dental school at the University of Michigan. I've been told Romania is spelled Lumania and Vancouver is spelled Bancouver. People are surprised that I've only been to LA once, even though it's on the opposite coast of where I've lived all my life until now. I guess I should consider it motivation to learn more about this country that I'm living in.

I read today the Magic turned downed a trade offer for Andre Miller, Nikoloz Tskitishvili and Voshon Lenard in exchange for Steve Francis. I'm not a fan of Francis... and apparently he's not playing as hard since his friend Mobley was traded away. It's good to read about the success of Grant Hill, at least... even though Duke isn't on my list of teams I pull for, either. I've watched some highlights from this season. Not too much to be impressed with the product the NBA puts out on a night to night basis.

My power bill was less than $12 for last month. Oil, on the other hand, is expensive. But still... $12. I dig out my pocket change tomorrow and the bill is paid.

More than 2 months in country and I'm still grateful that I decided to come here. Working here gets my recommendation for anyone who just graduated and wants to see a bit of the world. All the cliches apply: get a new perspective on life, have an adventure... etc. You can even save up a bit of money if you're so inclined. Just read up before you come here and know what you're getting into. Come with an open mind.

I look forward to some sunnier weather that will inevitably come. I'd like to take some pictures but 1) I don't want to get my camera wet 2) I'd rather take pictures on a sunny day. Point 2 might not be valid, any pictures are good. Some views of my environment would provide a nice diversion from my rambles.

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