Wednesday, February 16, 2005


You should see this cell phone a student of mine has. It plays MP3s either through a speaker or headphones. It shows movies or pictures on the full color screen. It has a built in digital camera. Perhaps best of all is the phone's remote control option... TVs, VCRs, DVD players, radios... It's one fancy Samsung phone. Not sure it's worth the price of admission though. He didn't know how much it costs.

I'm cheating a bit to get this into Korean writing ( I got some help from a Korean educational forum) but this is the correct way to ask for a large pepperoni pizza to go when you walk into the store. "뻬 뻬로니 피자 대자로 하나 포장해주세요." You could substitute the Konglish "라지" in for "대자" to mean large... If you know very basic Korean like I do you can understand that, and if you just know the alphabet you can make out the words for pepperoni pizza. And if you're Korean skills are above my rating of pretty bad... you might be asking yourself, "What is he doing, trying to show off?" Please forgive, this is how I kill time to put off actually studying Korean seriously.

There are a bunch of good blogs out there by English teachers in Korea. I've gotten into reading some of them. Since I've only made Korean friends here so far, I find out about other foreigner's reactions to living here through their writings online. Good to know there are other people out there who agree with me about what I find amusing, interesting, and annoying here in the Land of the Morning Calm. I'm not going to link any in this post because there are so many out there and they're so easy to find. And I don't want to be responsible for one you might not like.

I've noticed I've been writing mostly as for an audience. I'd like to try to maintain somewhat of a journal style too in the future, we'll see how it goes.

We play a spelling game in class... one of the kids discovered the word "id". Man, is that a tough word to try to explain to kids who are just getting started with learning English. I didn't even know that word until late into high school.

I got a tape of the Super Bowl that I can watch... I'll let you know how who wins.

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