Saturday, February 05, 2005


In an effort to make my blog seem like others I've been reading recently, here is a post with no purpose. But it won't be funny. With more time and practice maybe my writing style will become more interesting. I think it's called creative writing... something I've steadily done less and less of since grade school.

After this rough week is over I look forward to some home cooked Korean food and seeing what the lunar new year here is like. My first... I wasn't even aware of the fact that the lunar new year existed or that people celebrated it as a holiday.

Met a guy from New Zealand today... he was hard to miss. A white face with long blond hair on his head kind of sticks out around here. I guess the only person that would be harder to miss at the area we met at would be me. Random people I am meeting are telling me I need to go to two of these bars downtown to meet other foreigners... determined to get me drinking I guess. Not exactly my idea of a good time to go walk into a random bar full of people I don't know but hey. A fluent English conversation in person every once in a while can't hurt.

I know how to tell people that I am very hungry in Korean now so if some ajumma steps on my toes in the line at E-Mart at least I'll be able to tell her that my stomach requires food.

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James from said...

the favourite bars for foreigners go to in Gangneung are The Warehouse and Bumpin' and whilst walking into a bar with no friends (and most waegookin have been in that situation) isn't much fun- I doubt if you'd walk out with none.

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