Tuesday, February 15, 2005

뭘 했어요?

I didn't do too much today except work and relax and study... another average day in Korea I guess. I've got to say though I do appreciate having a computer to keep in touch with the rest of the world... not that I don't like Korea and my Korean friends. But the newspapers here are in Korean (!) and I'm not meeting any other foreigners (I'm not trying too hard, though).

I'm back working evenings again, 2:30 til 8pm. I like it, but will have to eat more dinners by myself now. I went to "I Want Pizza" (spelled in Korean 아이 원 비자 which makes it sound like "ai won pi-ja). Mildly amusing that so many things are spelled the same way with 2 different alphabets... sort of spelled the same way, anyways. So the pizza place is run by a man and wife team. It's cute that the baby is strapped to the back of his mom while she is working, but I bet the poor thing is hating the smell of cheese already. I'll need to take a picture sometime of a mom with the kid in tow. It's like a big blanket with the baby stuffed in it and the four corners of the fabric tied around in front of mom.

I was sitting in the pizza shop waiting for the box (that includes the pizza and... pickles) and I wanted to watch the TV that wasn't turned on. I completely butchered the phrase "텔레비 봐요?", maybe the wrong way to ask "Can I watch television?". But I was psyched nonetheless because she said yes... along with something I didn't understand.

Oh and to clear up any confusion... yes, the title Ramble On was taken from the Zeppelin song. No, I did not go 'round the world like in the song to find my baby. I came here because I wasn't ready for a regular 9 to 5 job back in the States.

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