Sunday, February 20, 2005

Misty Mountain Hop.

Pictures from around town and my meals yesterday. It's not even 8 and I feel like crashing. The sign of a good weekend... I guess?

Little did I know that 소머리 국밥 is cow's head soup with rice.

닭 갈비 (ugly romanization dalkgalbi) is my favorite Korean food, like I've mentioned before. Chicken, sweet potatoes, cabbage, onions, some kind of hot sauce... yum. Split three ways for less than $5 per person, with water and soda. Before cooking and right before devouring.

A neighborhood and a "skyline".

Not the best picture you'll see of the city, but gives you an idea of what my part of town looks like on a cloudy February day.

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Gaby de Wilde said...

Great pictures, I've never seen houses like this. Blue is a nice colour for a roof.

a blogSorry about the long hear. :)