Saturday, January 08, 2005

Tiger Foot.

I play some games in class that require teams. I let the kids choose names for the teams because normally there's a bit of an amusement factor with choosing a name in a new language. And more so for them just because they're kids. Team Tiger Foot defeated Team WWE Smackdown in an intense game of Stop the Boat on Friday.

More pictures! Food! I'm working 9 to 5 for this month; with my hour lunch break I've been eating out because food is so cheap. Both of these meals cost W5,000... a little under five bucks.

Beef is hidden in the seasoned watery soup. Rice is in the metal container on the right.

Sorry, I took a couple bites first. This was a filling meal. Rice with ham and eggs. The brown stuff is some sauce... not sure what. It has some more meat hidden in it. Spicy soup with onions and squid in it. Gimchi, of course, with both meals!

I got out into the city this morning and needed some air so I headed for the woods. Just ten minutes away which is nice. I like the city alright but it was so much more quiet out there...

The stadium, built for the World Cup. Not used much since. And the nice scenery of course.

Should've zoomed in a bit more.

At a dangerous curve in the road...

My edge of the city, with the East Sea slash Sea of Korea slash Sea of Japan in the distance. In line with the ocean on the right is the yellowish E-Mart sign, where I do most of my grocery shopping.

Country, city, mountains.

Tiger Foot.

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