Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Do you like the weather?

Good weekend... but I think the twins broke my sofa. Not cool. We're developing our own language... Iguesso means I understand. Butter means give me it. Akabi means that was close. I didn't think I'd be amused by this kind of stuff... most inside jokes aren't funny when you take them outside.

I have to do a phone check with just about every one of our students. They have varying levels of English... My 3rd highest level class doesn't know what a noun is. It can be pretty hard thinking up stuff to talk with them about. I have to think up simple questions for the kids to answer. Anyways, the conversations are pretty funny sometimes. One of my questions today was "Do you like the weather?" I get embarrassed for no reason some time... like earlier when they thought it was real funny. I thought their reaction to it was funny too. Anyways it'd be cool if I wasn't so easily affected (effected? English teacher says what...) by these things but what're you going to do?

Wow, it's a bit of a challenge teaching the boss's daughter in your lowest level class then teaching his son in your highest level class. But I'm the win so it's ok.

No hungry.

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