Wednesday, January 19, 2005

3 weeks.

The amount of time it took an envelope to get from Florida to my school in Korea. My mom sent it for $1.55. Don't know if this is average time or not... I was hoping for more like 10 days. I guess email is the clear winner here. is the software I'm using to get the Korean basics down. I've done the alphabet one first, then started vocab and will start up the grammar part soon. Have yet to install the dictionary, will let you know how it goes. Anyways, Declan gets my recommendation. I wish I had known about it before I came over, I would've done it all at home then started learning intermediate Korean from friends here right away. is the site for picking up some Korean through music. Click on the 게시판 tab. Then click Korean lessons/music on the left and 5 on the main window. The author of the site walks you through some Juarim / 장우림 songs. A different approach so I don't get bored with getting the basics down.

The NFL doesn't even register on the radar here (of course) so I didn't even know until yesterday the Patriots beat the Colts. Oh well, I hope I'll be able to watch the Super Bowl at least. Every year on the US broadcoast the announcers always talk about how many countries show this excellent event on their televisions so I assume it'll be on in Korea.

I lost my winter hat so I got to buy a new one. Went downtown for just a little bit after work and got the only hat I even liked a little bit... Boston (the store assistant had heard of the Braves were but they didn't have any Braves hats). It was an official MLB store. Hard trying to find a place that sells hats that will fit my big ol' bucket head. Especially when the style here seems to be for younger guys to wear skull cap type things.

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