Tuesday, January 04, 2005


I am getting into the rhythm of work now with the start of the new year. Trying to keep the kids entertained, learning an English through games isn't a bad way to do it.

I went to E-Mart (big department store) the other day with my boss's family. We were walking around shopping and my boss's son turns to me and says, "They are all looking at you." Haha, yeah for whatever reason that day I must've looked especially interesting because a bunch of people were indeed basically staring at me. It's alright though, I can tell it's good attention. A little odd though getting looked at so much just for how you look.

I went to Seoul over New Year's. It was alright, some nice shopping areas. In the end I prefer the city I'm in over Seoul. It was a bit too big and jam packed for me. One of my students asked me when I got back which city I liked better: Kangnung or Seoul. When I answered Kangnung the kids were pretty happy, they agreed. They said it was too full of people and dirty for them. Easy to justify where I live as better, especially to the kids that live here.

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