Thursday, January 27, 2005


I made a basic sentence building game this morning with the help of the laminating machine and "cutingi" (sort of how you say laminating film in Korean). I just printed and cut up a bunch of different subjects/verbs/adjectives/objects and let the kids build sentences. Hopefully they will get used to using the letter "a" and "s" more in their sentences this way. For example, sometimes the kids say "I like horse." "I like horses" sounds better... or "I want puppy". "I want a puppy" is correct. Maybe boring but important for them to know... they often forget.

This is hopefully my last post from a PC 방, I bought a new computer for about $400... used monitor included. 규상 said he would assemble it for me. A great price... he got it online. Much better than the prices in the Samsung Digital Plaza down the street, for example.

You can pay bills at the bank, in cash. It's pretty convenient... if you're in a city like me. You get paid in cash, not a paycheck. This is common for many jobs here. It is not convenient and I'd prefer a check.

If you know how to put the BlogRoll on the side instead of the bottom, drop me a comment or something. I haven't met either of the people I've linked but they're a good read. They both live/lived in 강릉. Apparently they drink a bit more than me but hey... don't hold me responsible for the contents of their sites. ;

Time is going so fast...

My power bill was about the equivalent of 10 dollars for the month of December.

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