Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ring of Fire.

I'm working on a nice mullet. I'm scared of going to the barber again, after what happened last time. It's ok, I think it might be in style here. Some goalie for the national team here had a pretty good one going. Or I'll just keeping telling myself it's in style til the hair gets in my eyes.

It's really cute when kids bow to me but awkward too. It happens more than I would think. And then some kids might bow if they see that their rough-housing in class is annoying me, followed by a chorus of "sorry"... but once they saw my reaction to their bowing they do it often now. Haha.

Random picture of where I play some basketball sometimes.


Miss Coffey said...

It happens more than you would think? Man, kids bow to me all day every day. Anytime I'm in the hallway, bow, bow, bow passing by. It doesnt bother me anymore. It makes me laugh outright, though, when a kid bows to me on the street!

Nate said...

I get more hugs and kids wanting to feel the hair on my arms than bows, really.