Sunday, May 15, 2005

99 Red Balloons.

Spent most of Sunday at church, then last night walked around a local temple. It was Buddha's birthday so it was suggested yesterday would be a good day to go. They were getting ready for a parade that would go through half the city. I'm guessing we were the only non-Buddhists in the crowd... and the non-Buddhists snapped some pictures.

Yours truly.

It was insisted that I get in like half the pictures so... it looks like I was photoshopped in there. I just noticed 3 people making funny faces that they probably wish weren't on camera... can you spot them? No, don't count my face.

Some people waiting for the parade to get started, dressed up in some traditional clothing.

Inside the temple of course. Can't tell you much about what is in the picture but I can tell you it's inside the first temple I've been to in Korea.

Bad random picture.


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