Thursday, May 12, 2005


I've made it for more than 5 months at the same job so I must be doing something right. I'm not sure if that luck will hold but there have been alot more good experiences here than bad ones. To speak bluntly, I can get over shyness well enough for teaching but not being much of an entertainer is a drawback here in the teaching business. It's alright, it doesn't bother me too much because I like who I am. Haha, maybe I have job problems but at least I don't have ego problems.

I paid $9 for a tiny stick of deodorant today... and had to go to a woman's perfume and body lotion type store to get it. My buddy told me next time I should order it off the internet next time. That way I get get what I want for a third of that price. But I needed it now, not in a day or 2. It's cool though as it seems I can get everything I'd want off the internet and for cheap too... I'd just have to wait a day or two for it to get here from Seoul.

One of my 11 year old kid's was listening to some loud music in the background during my phone check. He listens to music while he studies. I knew right away who it was.

I asked, "What is that I can hear in the background?"

He said, "Hear?!?!?"

And put his phone next to the speaker. I was then able to enjoy his Greenday just ask much as he could. I, of course, told him he had good taste in music.

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anne said...

Hey, thanks for the compliment. You do realise how living in Korea beats Paris by a long long... something? (nothing like saying my English is good for me to lose it altogether)