Thursday, May 05, 2005


A taxi driver told me I speak Korean well, I think he was being too kind. The fact that could barely understand him when he said it leads me to believe that. The drivers are good to practice my skills on though.

Nothing like a tiny bottle of what tastes like milk and Sweet Tarts combined to drink after dinner.

We played some basketball today. I was unstoppable as usual. I'm pulling for a Miami-Indiana Eastern Final. And wishful thinking has me hoping for the Rockets to dig out of a hole in the West. Tough to enjoy the product the NBA puts out but anyways... Hard to catch the NBA playoffs over here, but maybe I can see some on the computer. When I've tried to get other games, I get soccer instead! Soccer... maybe if the name was different the sport would catch on in the US.

I ate cow lung today.


Adam Tierney-Eliot said...

Yum...Cow Lung. How was it?

Nate said...

Not much taste to it really, like a bland mushroom I guess. It was fried just a bit too, maybe killing any taste my tongue might think was weird. And I'm still around so it can't be too bad!