Monday, March 21, 2005

You have no faith in medicine.

Um... time continues to fly. It always seems like Monday morning I'm thinking, "Ugh, it's Monday." And then it's Friday night. Too bad, really, because I'm sure that whenever I come home I will wish sometimes I could come back. Once again, I fully recommend doing something like this if you get out of college and still don't know what you really want to do.

A bit disappointing for me to rediscover the obvious though... like that lame 80s song, everybody's working for the weekend.

Popeye's is out of business! I'm down to McDonald's now for Western food I think. Rough... there's always pizza I guess. I like Korean food for the most part but... a trip to Outback is needed. Next time in Seoul...

Bob Knight, I try to like you, I really do.

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