Monday, March 14, 2005

I wonder as I wander

What will be the first thing I do whenever I get back home that isn't the social norm? I spend all my time with Koreans here. I definitely get the white Westerner treatment here, for better or for worse. There's got to be some habit that I pick up, good or bad, that I haven't realized yet. I've talked to maybe 6 fluent English speakers in person since I've been here, for a total of around an hour. Monday through Friday I teach Korean kids. Weekends I spend with Korean friends.

Thankfully, I'm pretty sure whatever social mess up I make when I get home, it won't be that serious.

Social mess up here, the other day I walked on a carpet with my shoes on. Oops.

I went to a wedding yesterday. It looked like a very expensive event. It was held in a wedding hall. The food was good... more later I guess, because it's work time.

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