Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Flowers and beer.

They might not be two things you put in the same sentence, but they do have something in common. Some store owners in this city don't mind leaving them outside in front of the store unattended. I was meandering home tonight from work, trying to get my mind off the job. Granted, I'm sure there are very few flower robbers in the world. A person would be more inclined to steal beer, I'm guessing. But there it was out in the street, just like the flowers. A ton of it. No cameras, no policemen nearby. No shopkeeper.

Imagine a 7-11 in some city in the USA leaving beer outside the store at night. You wouldn't even have to make the "steal me" sign. So, sure, there are plenty of generalizations that one can make about Korea. I'm trying to keep them to a minimum, as this is my first time being immersed in another culture. I still need to keep my wits about me as, of course, crime can happen in any country at anytime. Nonetheless, I am comforted by simple things like seeing beer out like that (and flowers!).

What does one do when they've graduated college and don't know what they want to do? Come to Korea, of course. What else. I hope everything works out for me here one way or another. If I had to come home tomorrow, I'd leave here with many great memories stored in my head. It's difficult to put into words what I have learned about myself here. Since I enjoy the obvious statement; life is life no matter where you live it. I have the good fortune to go pretty much anywhere I want. I need to remind myself that I need to live my life in a way that I can be content with. My selective memory sometimes drops out the simple yet important stuff.

My friends here are great, but I don't have any fluent conversations in person. I use this blog, communicating with friends and family back home, reading books, and watching movies to maintain my awe inspiring level of fluency in the English language. I often produce just train of thought posts, lacking pictures, that might turn off the average blog reader. Especially when you flip through some of the other blogs on the Korean blog list, some great stuff is there. I bought a mic so I can speak with family across the pond through the computer for "free"! AIM and MSN for friends. Books... let me plug What the Book? again. And there are plenty of English movies to be had from my local movie rental store and other means.

Ah, reviewing my posts... I hope none of my old English teachers stumble upon this. I'd feel like I have failed them. Any writing is better than no writing at all, in my case.

Please forgive me IU, for not being able to follow your season very well. You are on the bubble. As a Korean might say, fighting! 피팅. Sorry, I didn't even know who Andrew Bogut is. And he's up for player of the year. Paul, yep. Redick, yep. Simien and May, yep yep. Bogut... erm. This is the information age and I can't get the Big Ten tourney on TV here. Something is amiss.

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