Monday, March 14, 2005

White Day!

Ack, I forgot today was... another Valentine's Day in Korea, for the benefit of the girls. I did receive a bunch of candy anyways. I also got... a bulgogi burger and a can of Pepsi! Thanks to the mother who thought of this, I was starving! Like most hagwons, there is a bunch of food invariably present because the school hours run right through dinner time and the kids sometimes don't get enough time to eat properly.

The wedding was a big event yesterday. Many people shuffling in and out to wish the bride and groom well. I even got my picture taken with my friends and the bride! Haha, she was surprised. And when the ceremony started... only some of the crowd was allowed in to sit down. It was a lot louder than I am used to, a big crowd of people were in the back chatting. Bubbles! When they had tied the knot, a bubble machine popped out bubbles every where. And we had (English translation) party soup, along with a ton of seafood and veggies.

I brought up weddings in one of my classes. I was asked why American weddings are typically longer than Korean weddings even though Korea has a longer history. Wow, now there's a question. From what I gathered yesterday, some weddings are held in churches and they are more like what I am used to. And other weddings are more traditional and I don't have a clue what they're like other than they involve a horse and carriage coming to the bride's house. Also, I don't think the bride and groom see each other on wedding day until they're married.

Anyways, I think I answered the question with something about differences in culture when I should've said something about how each individual wedding is different everywhere. I'm trying to keep myself from making too many blanket statements and cringe a bit when the kids do it. Don't ask me what they think about China and Japan.

The Hoosier State is going through some tough times. Talks about no team from Indiana making it to the tourney.

Ah, if you're out there... thanks James for the comment with the bars and blogs on it. It was a while ago but I forgot to say thanks. Heh.

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