Monday, July 04, 2005


So I'm sitting around waiting for a job to fall into my lap. Probably best to just continue phone calls and emails for a few more days until I need to get serious. This is supposed to be my vacation after all.

I want to travel around a bit but... I'm still waiting for when I need to move out of here. I can rent a cheap room for a week or two, I just need to know when.

So tough to pick up enough Korean with the way my brain works. I can only remember a word if I see it written... the country is my classroom and the people are my teachers but man. I just study because I think it's good for my brain. I'm wondering how good my study system is. I'm finishing up some computer programs for vocab and grammar. I finishing up that Survival Korean book with the MP3s, too. Then I randomly read the Roadmap to Korean book. And when I hang out with friends I try to listen and understand what they're sayin but I'm lucky to pick up a word in every sentence. I'm gonna buy a textbook next after I finish all the random material I have now.

I really like the blogs by foreigners in Korea... again I encourage anyone who is interested to check out the Korean Blog List. I sometimes think of good stuff to write too, but it never makes it to my fingers hitting the keyboard. No, really!

You read stuff like:
A Canadian dude who had some good pictures on his blog had an "epiphany" and went back home.
An American girl I can identify with a bit about the whole unique experience of being the foreign teacher in a Korean school. And thinking about what we're doing here...
A guy who likes video games writes about that, every day life and is really honest about how his mind works and what he does in social situations.
And most importantly, how to annoy your hungover friend.

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