Monday, July 04, 2005

Area Codes.

Nice to have some time off, and then have the option to try out a new city here in this country. I'd definitely be sad to move out of Gangneung, but 2 of my best friends here are going to be living in the US and the UK for a while... people help make the city so. Gangneung, Chuncheon and the Seoul area are the big possibilities right now. 2 small cities and 1 crazy packed area. Not sure but I don't think I'll go wrong with anywhere I choose.

Had 3 of my best days here with my freedom. Just spending alot of time with friends... picked up a new puppy from the bus terminal, played 4 person Winning Eleven 8 for PS2 on the big screen in a PC bang twice. Sang at a wedding... haha I was the only foreigner there.

Spent a night at the saunas / 찜질방... can't sleep well on the mats but it was fun to hang out there. Went with a friend who's doing a Korean learning camp with a bunch of Americans. Never talked with people from Cali and Hawaii for that long... haha. Despite the stories West Coast people don't seem too different. And it's hard to sleep in the saunas when guys are turning on the chair massage machine at 6, the kids start horsing around at 630 then the ajummas start cleaning at 9. But hey my body feels good after. I had to sleep 12 hours last night to catch up though.


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