Sunday, July 17, 2005

아녕, 미미

So I spent the past few days in Chuncheon. Hung around with some Hawaiians and Californians, funny the place I meet the most West Coast people ever is in Asia. Nice city, bit bigger than Gangneung and a bunch of colleges around too. Hard Rock Cafe (not the real thing, they just stole the name) there has a University of South Florida plate hanging on the wall too, go figure. Plenty of open space around like this city. Important cuz I've started riding my bike more and if I move to Seoul I might aim for something around the city instead. Ilsan, Bundang. Nice suburban type areas with parks (hopefully) to ride around in the new bike I'd buy.

2 job interviews there, offered both jobs... turned one down and thinking about the other. The one I turned down seemed ok really except the hours (9 to 6) were longer than most jobs like this. Almost a split shift, really. And with kindergartners. Funky contract. Why work 9 til 6 when I can find one working 4 til 10? Next job was ok too but I sense more entertaining would be asked of me. 1 guy had been there just a bit and one class was already roughing him up. And many weekends I wouldn't get off 2 days in a row.

I head to Seoul tomorrow (if my old boss gives me the money he owes me before I go) and try to get a decent job with a decent apartment (AC required). The one that looks most likely is west of Seoul and in a big city, I'm looking for anything around Seoul that isn't west and more suburbia.

I really look forward to changing now, need to start getting some more cash flow and change of scenery. The people I've met here are great and I wouldn't be mad if a nice job fell into my lap here but... I really need to know what I'm doing next. Sometimes I don't know what I'm doin tomorrow but hey... Wish me luck...


Mike said...

Good Luck!

blueshoewhotwo in Daegu said...

If you run across any good job offers in Daegu, pass 'em my way. I'm not digging my job (as you know). If only I were free as you.