Friday, July 22, 2005

Don't Stay Home.

I delayed having to make a decision about what I'm doing next by signing up to work a 2 week summer camp in Pyeongchang. It's cool I'll be able to see another part of Korea. I've lived in a small city for 8 months. I'll live in a town for a few weeks. Then try out a suburb of Seoul (probably).

Doesn't bother me I don't know much about the town or the job, it's just for 2 weeks. After all I flew here, across the States and the Pacific and hardly knew what I was getting into. No regrets.

I gotta buy a nice bike. W350,000 or about there. I've been the white guy on the old bike that's too small for him getting all the long looks from the locals recently.

So it's just been lots of bike riding and hanging out with friends and a bit of studying recently. I seriously promise pictures and stuff in the future, I'm gonna be seeing 2 new places and doing 2 new jobs in the next month after all.

One of my favorite pictures from church...

Now, random pictures that maybe maybe maybe are of mild interest.

An alley! Wow!

The view from a friend's apartment.