Saturday, February 09, 2008

FSO Test

I'm going to take the Foreign Service Officer Test in early March. I finished the application finally, they wanted 6 references! I realized filling out the app was just as much for me as it was for taking the test. There was a personal narrative section where I had to type out my thoughts in regards to my life experiences. I hadn't thought about what I've been doing recently in that much detail. Needless to say much of what I put on there related to my time in Korea and how it has made me better. I don't know of anyone who has ever taken the test before. I'll write here about how it goes. I saw sample questions and they look like they'd own my face though.


Lindy said...

So, did you take it? How did it go? I take it in July. Thanks,

ESL Jobs in Korea said...

how was it? did you pass?:)

trevor said...

Taking it today !! July 15th at NY Garden City center. My 1st attempt, since I just became a US Citizen.
have been researching this for past 6 years, and seee that there is No one textbook, but rather a whole lot of one's Educational background, Current Affaire awareness, commonsense and an affinity for good comphrehension and English Language.

Good luck to all others too, and let's seee what happens.
I am not 100% counting on the outcome of the writtens, but hear that it is an exhaustive testing.And, rightly so!!

trevor said...

Just took the test today, and actually the test was easier than thought, since I always read that test is hard etc.basis US Govt/Contemporary management styles, 3(may'be 4 !!) Mathematical questions, few Economics.However, found most to be related to Public Diplomacy,Leadership and Management styles.

Questions on the Biographic side - Just a caution, that some questions needs descriptive answers, so use your time well.Test window does not allow even 1 sec extra over and above the allotted time frame.All Parts of the 3 hour exam.
In my mind, The time allotted was Just on the bulls eye, though in English Language section, you might have to scroll up and down very frequently to get the folw of all sentences and paragraph.

Next will be my 2 foreign Language tests which I believe will be over the phone within a week from today by the Foreign Language Institute.

main point of letting you readers know was that do NOT fear the tests for what we read as how hard they are.Just do your bit and Take the test.

Keeping Fingers crossed !

Nate said...

Great info Trevor. You got a blog you could put that stuff you wrote on? So I guess you passed the first part because you're talking about the language test? Anyways best of luck.

trevor said...


Just another heads up about the foreign language tests. It is very confusing since some DOS publications say that language tests are within 1 week of the FSOT , while another say after passing the FSOT. Yet another says that they are in fact after the OA (Which would make more sense to me).
Anyway, will keep all posted.
We shall appreciate if anyone can pinpoint the Language test (as to how far in the application process) is given by The FSI.

Good Luck all


trevor said...

Just found out/confirmed that anyone with Super critical language (If mentioned at time of online registration), gets the Telephonic Language testing about 2+ weeks from end of test window.

Usually, Arabic language candidates get it fast, which can be understandable. Actual language test is conducted about 4+ weeks after test window close date( Lasting max 30 minutes, and may be few minutes like 10 mins in case the examiner can tell within a few minutes as to the fluency level).