Friday, February 08, 2008

Good Life.

So I try to chat up taxi drivers cuz most are amicable and it's easy Korean practice. My driver most recently told me he went to Vietnam to find his wife, who was riding with him for the Lunar New Year holiday. Baby in tow.

Huge news, he was the first taxi driver in all of my 3 years plus here to guess that I'm from America. The most common guess is Russian... cuz I'm not small? I've gotten French more than a few times... my nose? Italian? Got me there.

We talked about marriage, he pointed out that he didn't have a girlfriend. He thought I had a great sense of humor cuz he laughed when I pointed out that he didn't need one when he had his wife.

As a gyopo wife points out on her blog that I stumbled across, Lunar New Year time means huge gift boxes being sold in the marts. My favorite is the spam box. A huge, fancy box of spam. You can get 12 in one fancy box if you're lucky. Check into it.

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