Monday, April 04, 2005

When I Come Around.

We were doing a little conversational activity in one of my classes. I draw on the board a hot air balloon, with four stick figure people in the basket. Then I draw one stick figure upside down out of the basket falling towards Earth. The idea is the kids have to name 5 famous people, then choose the one who is to be dropped off because the balloon can't handle so much weight.

Orville Wright was one of the 5. The girls chose him to be the unlucky man taking the fast elevator down because "He wants to fly." Haha. Another kid insisted on drawing a propeller on the back of "Orville" so he really could fly. Another class chose Einstein to take the leap of faith because "Ago, ago he is die." Yes, ago he is die. During the year 1955, as a matter of fact.

Bad dream last night, I was suddenly back in the US for some reason. I didn't know why I was back. I was mad I hadn't tried harder to stay in Korea longer. I seriously woke up expecting to be in my bed in mom and dad's house. Weird feeling. I'll take it as encouragement to hang around here as long as my contract allows. So when I come back home, there won't be that huge feeling of regret like in the dream.

Happy Korean Arbor Day. 식목일 죽하해요? Probably not.

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