Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Aliens exist.

Some of the kids are sarcastic. One of them tries out a new magic trick at the start of class, and fails repeatedly. Then others respond with a chorus of clapping and "Fantastic, interesting!"

Some of the kids have never seen much facial hair, so yesterday when I went to work without shaving for a few days they wanted to pet my face. Haha.

One of the kids is supposedly a children's movie and TV star. So why does he stare at me in the hall way like I'm the movie star? And he asks his friends to ask me questions just to hear my voice, since he doesn't want to talk to me directly. He isn't in any of my classes. So much for teaching a famous student.

$5 at the dry cleaners for 2 shirts and a pair of pants. They don't even ask me my name, the owner just writes down 미국인 in her record book. That's Korean for an American. Just me.

In many contracts, the school will cover your airfare expense to Korea if you make it past the 6 month mark. 1 more month to go for me to reach that, I'm going to buy a cheap acoustic guitar as a present for myself if I make it that far. A friend of mine can teach me, but not for long since people will soon be calling him a 영국인 (Englishman)!

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