Tuesday, November 30, 2004

New Guy

I am new to this whole teaching thing, I'll get used to it. I'll find way to harness their energy. Yesterday's classes went fine, no disasters. One class was real quiet and 2 were all over the place. So I just spent ninety minutes planning for the day, I've got a reward stickers chart and a behavior control thing all built into it... wish me luck. Shoulda had it day #1 but oh well. Grade school was alot easier on the mind and body than high school and college for me as a student, so hopefully it'll be the same way for me as a teacher.

I really look forward to seeing what's around here when I get my job sorted out... lucky for everyone reading I just discovered with my blind eyes a way to put my pictures on the computer here.

I tried gimbap yesterday, it was decent. Korean fast food... it is rice and some veggies and meat wrapped up in seaweed. When I had to say gimbap to order it...! I find my students real funny just like Korean women find my attempts to speak their language funny. Gimbap tastes like the stuff I bought in college at the Bi-Lo. Haha... no different. I bet the same dish from a regular restaurant (not a corner DreamMart) tastes better. If not... at least I do know there's plenty of better food out there.

Drop me a line if you know where I can buy a power converter in Gangneung, Korea. Haha.

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mark said...

I am considering teaching in S. Korea starting in late summer or early fall. I have been reading the ESL job boards and a bunch of blogs about Korea. I am looking for feedback from those currently teaching in S.Korea.

Just wondering if you could drop me an email or repsonse to my blog. My email is ecumarksullivan@hotmail.com
or leave comments on my blog.