Sunday, July 13, 2008

Money Maker

I need some new clothes that fit and aren't too tight (ie not small Korean style) so I got to turn to the internet.

I got a couple shirts from cafepress with no problems, I'm a bigger guy and it's tough to find even tshirts here that fit decently. I got this one cuz I'm thinkin about moving there and needed to be banging in my white tee.

I don't know when or why one has to pay import tax on stuff sent to here from out of the country but my cafepress order was under $60 and I wasn't taxed.

I'm tryin Foot Locker next. There's a base $50 fee to ship but again it's a matter of finding something I like. And stuff in the Adidas and Nike stores here are more expensive than back home anyway so payin the fifty bucks is something I can handle.

Abercrombie finally got cargo shorts for sale again on their website and they ship to Korea too.

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