Thursday, December 30, 2010

My All Time Favorite Shoes

Check these out. The Nike Air Max 2003 SS. The best shoes I've ever bought. Really light, comfortable, and I think they look cool too.

So I want another pair. Looks like they are really tough to find. Champs Sports in the US doesn't have them in their whole system, I got an employee to look on their company computer. When he was checking them out he told me how nice they were.

You can get them in Asia, at least. I got mine in Itaewon, in one of the shoe stores on the Hamilton Hotel side out exit one.

I have the black ones with red. Those seem readily available online now. I have size US12, CM 30 which, needless to say, are harder to find in Asia. If anyone knows where to find US12 (many sites list this as size 300) 에어 멕스 2003 SS shoes in different colors, please leave a comment!

A product ID : 314977-100. I hope to get my hands on another pair of these!

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Anonymous said...

회개하라 ! 천국이 가까왔느니라 !
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